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Are you a flash developer? Use Flex Builder

After completing a flex project build in Flex Builder I got so much into using FB’s features that going back to FDT didn’t sound to optimistic. I figured out there was no reason why I acutally had to do it. Going through the pain of getting Eclipse, FDT, setting core libraries, etc.  was enough pain to stick to Flex Builder. I absolutely love the debugger and working without it is almost like writing code in Notepad.  It is really simple to set up. Flex Builder comes with 60 day trial, so it is definitely worth checking it out. Plus it is actually cheaper than FDT ( FB  is 249USD, FDT Basic is 299Euro).  Once you install ir and run it just goto File -> New -> ActionScript Project. In the popup specify the Project Name and Location. Clicking on Finish and you’re done! What FB will do is set up the entire project for you. When you compile (shortcut F11) it will create a swf from your class, wrap it up in html and launch it in the browser. Forget about FLAs, Flash IDE, Class Documents and all that crap!

Give it a go and you will never want to go back! Now, if you really like it there is a much better way to set it up.

If you create a new Flex Project instead of ActionScript Project FB will set up bin, src, libs, html template folder and create your application MXML. What you have to do next is create your new Main class in the src folder. Now right click on the Project Name and go to Properties and choose Flex Modules. In there click “add” and locate your Main class.  Make sure you choose “Do not Optimize” in order to get the class compiled as a seperate swf rather than pulled into your main swf compiled as a flex app. Now the only thing you have to do is to load your swf into your flex project.

Goto your main MXML file and add this

<mx:SWFLoader source=”Main.swf”  />

Now if you compile it, everything from your src folder will be copied to your bin folder (without the classes of course). That’s where I add my content folder with all the assets and my com folder with the code specific to this project. Now add your libraries to libs folder, add it to source path (Project Name -> Properties -> Flex Build Path)  and you’re ready to go!I find it really well organized to be honest it’s achievable with just a few clicks! Flex Builder ROCKS!!

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  1. Elersfewtes says

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  2. Furnast says

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  3. Furnast says

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  4. KrisBelucci says

    Original post by mattusmaximus

  5. JaneRadriges says

    Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder’n bout this issue,so thanks for posting

  6. admin says

    Hey guys, Thanks for all the comments.
    It looks like Adobe figured it out themselves and they’ve actually rebranded FlexBuilder to FlashBuilder, so that proves that switching to FlexBuilder (or FlashBuilder beta as we speak) is the right choice.
    More info on new features can be found here:

  7. Saç Ekimi says

    good article my friend

  8. bangladesh freelance says

    Helpful tutorial!

    But if some screenshots and video tutorials were provided, it would be just amazing, awesome!

    Hope to be considered!


    bangladesh freelance

  9. ASEITZ says

    Interesting Flash Builder Workflow ;-)
    To perfect this article sharing an would be really nice.

    Since Flash Builder 4.5 has shipped,
    I would like to know whether this workflow is up2date and you’re still working that way?

    With my current workflow – (flash builder4 –> pure as3 AIR project with Flash IDE assets saved as swc which are added to the project library path) – I ran into a big problems using huge swc-assets files. The as3-project could not be compiled any longer and FB shows an “Unknown problem” at line -1…really really strange. Even my good friend google doesn’t help much to find a solution.
    Thats why I have to try out different workflows right know to avoid this problem in future projects. It would be cool to find one workflow to benefit from the advantages of the Flex SDK and combine it with the advantages from the Flash IDE world. Maybe an experienced developer like you have some workflow hints where to start here?

    Any comment or helplink is appreciated.

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