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LFPUG recap

To those who didn’t have a chance to go to LFPUG last night here is a quick recap. It was all about 3d if flash by the guys who developed Papervision 3d (if you don’t know that yet:)

First session was called “Papervision. Simplified” and was presented by Seb Lee Delisle.

Seb explained how the whole 3d world works in flash and showed basic calculations with a few examples. He showed spinning earth and a few basic things that everyone who is into 3d should know. At the end he showed his latest project called Big and Small that  can be found here:

It is a really nice 3d website who’s audience are generally kids. Really worth checking out.

Other interesting stuff Seb showed was the sky box. The effect is that you are flying through the infinite 3d space passing various objects. You achieve it by creating a cube and putting the camera in the center. You have to have a specific texture that joins smoothly on the edges of the cube. Adding simple particles that come along with PV3d makes it looking really complex but is really easily achievable with just a few lines of code. Last but not least was Lunar Lander 3d he build for a 5k competition. Seb explained the concept of it and showed how he approached it. It’s amazing how much can you achieve with only 5K. And 5K is not the budget it’s the filesize.

More info on Seb’s site (

The second session was called “We make. You Enjoy” by Carlos Ulloa. It was a bit of an ad for his agency but was interesting as well.

Carlos explained how he created the logo and he also showed what he is currently working on.

Along with the logo that has got a dynamic bitmap and shades he also showed his latest achievement which is a really slick looking monster truck. Basically it is a 3d scene put together with physics engine, shades rendering and some lighting. Carlos went through the entire process of explaining how it works, how physics engine works, how collision detection works and how do certain elements respond to it (suspension of the car for example). I hope to see this stuff online soon. You can always check his website here (

If you want to find out more visit the LFPUG website and check out the Presentations section. Tink promised to get videos up there pretty soon so you should be able to see it for yourselves.

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